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>> 21 Jul 2012

Assalamualaikum/salam mahasiswa

For this post, I want to share about Islamic Architecture. I think some of you know about Islamic Architecture and maybe, the rest do not know about this topic. Usually, when Islamic Architecture is said to the people, the first thing that passes by their mind is Calligraphy Art (Khat). I don't say NO but it is only one of them.

The Principles of Islamic Architecture :
- Relying both on the technical scientific and the artistic creative principles of architecture.
- The relationship between architecture and the Islamic creed which is found the expression in monotheist spirit as a religion foundation.

The Characteristics of Islamic Architecture :
- Geometrical and mathematical proportion, human in scale and composed of squares and rectangles layout. For example, the pattern on the door is calculated accurately like there are some grids that lined on it. 

Islamic Pattern formed from the grids
-  Conception on broader landscape and grand scale. It means that the landscape outside the building is large and wide. The exterior spaces can assign the building is islamic architecture or not. For example, the garden in front of the library is large with the decoration of fountains and the seats. 

the grand scale landscape
- The building give a sense of peace, security and humble. For example, the sound of chirping birds and water flow of the river or fountains near the office can relax the employee from stress and it can be a good place to rest. In the mosque/masjid, the huge differentiation of height between the ceiling and floor may attend the feeling of humble to  people in it.

sense of peace
sense of humble
I hope a little bit of this information can make all of you clear about the Islamic Architecture so that after this, we think that this concept in wider perspectives and open-relevant views.

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Thank you. Wallahua'lam.


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